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Fun for all ages! Jump from lilypad to lilypad for as long as possible by rotating the lilypads with your mouse to clear a polkadot path for the amphibian hero to guide him safely across the pond. Catch the stray flies and hop onto extra bonus lily pads for extra points.
Shareware: so if you like it, you can register the game for $18.00
Visit SOLEAU SOFTWARE's Homepage to find other cool games!

Minimum System Requirements:
(Windows) : 486 (50mhz) or better / Win 3.x or 95 / 4+ Megs RAM
The Windows game is zipped, so you'll need WinZip or PKUNZIP to extract the Setup file (then run setup to install the game)
(Macintosh) : 68030 or better / System 7.0 or better / 6 Megs RAM or more
The Macintosh game is in Stuffit/MacBinary format. If you don't have Stuffit get it here Aladdin Systems.

FROG HOP (WINDOWS) (1323kb zip file)
FROG HOP (MACINTOSH) (1258kb Binhexed file)


Point and click action catch flies with your sticky frog tongue!
Brought to you by the folks at ASTRAsoft this game is also Shareware: register for the equivalent of 9.95 pounds sterling (about $16 at current exchange rates)
Download Bzz! for Windows 95/NT (238K)

Koji the Frog

Koji the Frog is an arcade game in which you, as a frog, have to shoot your tongue and jump to catch insects (flies, bees, and ladybugs) while you avoid a snake, lightning, mad bees and a gopher (with dynamite).
  • Hardware - Color Capable Macintosh (at least 8 bit - 256 colors)
  • 13" Monitor or Larger (640x480).
  • Software - System 6.0.7 or higher
  • PPC Compatible.
Brought to you by the folks at
Slimyfrog Software Shareware Products- Shareware!
Download for MACINTOSH