A man with a 50cm cock goes to the doctor and asks him to reduce its size. The doctor can't, but he tells him to go to the border of the town to a lake where a frog lives. 'If you ask him to marry you, your dick will shrink for about 10cm.'. The man goes to the border, finds the lake and asks the frog: 'Do you want to marry me?' The frog answers: 'No!' The man's dick shrinks 10cm. The man is happy and tries it again. 'Frog, do you wanrt to marry me?' 'No!', answers the frog. The man's cock shrinks again 10cm. He's happy and calls his wife on the phone. 'My cock is only 30cm now. Isn't that great?' His woman: 'Yes, but try it again, 30cm is still not enough, try 20cm.' The man okays and goes back to the frog. 'Frog, do you want to marry me?' The frog: 'No, no, and again: No!'.
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