There was this 90 year old farmer... A storm was comming up, so he thought he should go to the barn and make sure all of his animals were safe and in their places. As he was walking through the barn he saw a big green frog sitting on one post. He payed it no mind; a storm was approaching. On his way back through the barn, the frog said, "Hay, didn't you see me. Aren't you going to say something ?" The old man said, "No, a frog is a frog." "You don't understand," the frog said, "I am not really a frog." "I am a beautiful princess. A wicked witch cast this spell on me and turned me into a frog." "I supose all I have to do is kiss you to turn you back into that princess? remarked the farmer. "YES, YES," the frog said with excitement, "and if you do I will be your Love Slave for the rest of your life. I will do all manner of actions to give you pleasure. I will do just ANYTHING for you as your Love Salve." The farmer said, "OK." Put the frog in his pocket and started for the house. "Hay, Aren't you going to kiss me ?" asked the frog. "No," the farmer said, "at my age a talking frog is better.
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