I was golfing one day and at my first hole a little frog croaked "ribbet..9iron" . At first I ignored it and used my 5 wood instead but the ball barely moved. Again the frog croaked "ribbet.. 9iron" so I decided to go with that and I made the shot this time. I picked up the frog and carried it to all the next holes. That was the best game I have ever played and so I said to the frog how can I repay you you've done so much for me.The frog replied "Ribbet...take me to Vegas.."And so we went that night the frog had told all the colors and numbers to play on the roullette wheel and all the slots to pull. I was the highest winner for that night and they gave me the best room there. Again I said to the frog "you've done so much for me. How can I ever repay you" The frog responded "Ribbet....Kiss me.." And so I did and it turned into the most beautiful 15 year old girl I have ever seen.......And that your Honer is how she got into my room.
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