Experiment going on in a science class: FROG...the studenst are doing a test on a frog. They decided to test his jumping capabilities in relation to his other bodily functions. Student: "Jump frog, Jump!" Log entry: "Frog with 4 legs jumps 4 feet" action--chopped off one of the frogs legs. Student: Jump Frog jump!" Log Entry: "Frog with 3 legs jumps 3 feet" action--chopped off another leg Student: Jump frog, Jump!" Log entry: Frog with 2 legs jump 2 feet" action--chopped off another leg, now the frog is on his last leg... Student: Jump frog, Jump! Log entry: Frog with 1 leg jumps 1 foot" action--chopped off the frog's last leg. Student: Jump frog, Jump!!" Log entry: Frog with no legs...is deaf"
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