While mowing his lawn one day, a frog looked over to see that his neighbor was building a pond in his yard. The frog asked his neighbor, 'Where did you get the money to build that pond?'

His neighbor replied, 'I went down to the bank and got a loan.'

So the frog decided to go to the bank and get a loan to build a pond in his yard. When the frog arrived at the bank he met with Ms. Pattywack, the loan officer. Mrs. Pattywack said, 'What can I help you with Mr. Frog?

The frog replied, 'I'd like to borrow some money to build a pond in my yard.'

'Okay,' Mrs. Pattywack replied, 'but we'll need some kind of collateral.' Mr. Frog then pulled a tiny ivory elephant from his pocket and gave it to Ms. Pattywack.

'This is all I have for collateral.' the frog said.

Ms. Pattywack decided she should see the branch manager and ask if the ivory elephant would do as collateral.

When the branch manager came in he asked Ms. Pattywack what he could help her with. Ms. Pattywack, holding up the ivory elephant replied, 'This frog wants a loan and this is all he has for collateral, and I'm not even sure what it is.

The branch manager then replied.....

'It's a nicknack Pattywack, give the frog a loan.'

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